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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Make Friends, Make Money, Make Sense!

Did you know that MySpace did over $70 MILLION in advertising sales in March of 2008! Did they share any of that money with you? I know I didn’t get anything!

But I've found one Social network that share their revenue with the members. They will share 80% of their advertising revenue (starting from 1st August 2008). But its not just about earning cash; this is going to be one of the leading social networking sites around. Make sure you’re one of the first members. This site is still in Beta phase and currently free to join. So it’s the right price for now to have a look.

One reason to join now is that ZenZuu is going to have a revenue sharing plan! It is going to be like MySpace definitely. However it is going to be MySpace for people who would like to make a little cash for their efforts. I have no idea what the income potential is, but their ideas seem good to me. It is a great place for entrepreneurs or people who want to make friends around the world.

Here is the Zenzuu sites blurb:

Zenzuu is a next generation social networking platform that lets you create a profile similar to other ancient social networks, except our leading edge technology allows you to make money by signing up your friends and receive revenue sharing. Seize your oppportunity to cash in on the trillion dollar internet economy of social networking and global commerce with ZenZuu. Sign Up Now It’s FREE!

Connect with a Live Global Community.
Zenzuu gives you the opportunity to keep in touch with a massive global community anytime, anywhere. Unlike other social networks, we allow you to make money just for doing the same old things such as creating a profile, signing others up as well as the ability to take part in our Ad Revenue Sharing. ZenZuu gives you all the standard features you’d expect such as the ability to share your pictures, videos, music and more. Whether you want to make new contacts for business or for pleasure ZenZuu gives you all the tools necessary.

Join Now!


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